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In S412, we are driven by one goal: To Make Disciples! Making devoted Christian disciples is more complicated than praying a one-time prayer or having perfect attendance at church. It involves changing our entire outlook on life and recognizing how God is working in us and through us to make the kingdom of God a reality on earth! Our youth are committed to using the three keys of growing disciples: our Head, Heart, and Hands.

We engage our heads when we dive into the word of Scripture and seek to learn about the world and people of the Bible. When we know more about God, His Son, the Spirit, and their work throughout history, we become more firm in our won faith, more courageous in sharing it, and stronger in the face of doubt. As we study on Sunday mornings and throughout the week, we seek to deepen our knowledge of God and assurance that God still does mighty works in our world!

Just as important as our “head knowledge” is growing in our hearts and in our relationship with Jesus. Through regular times of prayer, practicing Spiritual Disciplines, and listening for God in our own lives, we can begin to grow into the men and women that God called us to be.

No matter how much know about God, and even how close our relationship with Him, if we are not putting our faith into practice, then we are sitting on the sidelines of faith when we have been called into the huddle! By having dedicated, regular times for service in our church, in our community, and in our world, we participate with God in His mission to bring the light of the gospel of Jesus to EVERY place of darkness! Come join us and experience S412 youth ministry first hand!

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